dimanche 28 janvier 2024

Programmer avec Dr. Geo 23.12

 J'ai pris mon courage à deux mains et fait une importante mise à jour du livre Programmer avec Dr. Geo. Il correspond maintenant à la version 23.12 de Dr. Geo. L'ensemble des exemples doivent fonctionner avec cette version, notamment les méthodes accentuées en français.

Ne pas hésiter à rapporter les erreurs rencontrées.

samedi 21 octobre 2023

Programmer Géométrie - Leçon 2

 Dans cette activité tu vas construire des rectangles et apprendre à utiliser une variable en programmation.

Programmer Géométrie - Leçon 1

Tu vas apprendre à programmer, coder, des figures géométriques. Elles seront interactives : tu pourras attraper à la souris les points et les lignes pour modifier son aspect. Le programme utilisé s’appelle Dr. Geo. Dans ce premier cours, tu vas coder des triangles interactifs.

dimanche 28 mai 2023

An ordinary back-to-school season

Here are three short stories, teasing about what it could mean for kids and teachers to use computer at school. The first and second stories are diversion to underline how ridiculous the situation is in school concerning IT.

jeudi 17 février 2022

The Cuis Book

This free book is a gentle introduction to programming with Cuis-Smalltalk. The reader without prior-knowledge to programming will learn about object oriented programming, the Smalltalk environment and its language.

The book comes with a recurring theme : writing a free inspired replica of the first video-game ever created: Spacewar!

mercredi 16 février 2022

Dr. Geo update, Cuis port

I am porting Dr. Geo to Cuis-Smalltalk. I am doing that because with Cuis, it is not too difficult to understand how large parts of the system is working. This is important when you need to understand the behavior of some features of the system, or when you want to extend the behavior of some classes.

Moreover, the Morphs system of Cuis -- the GUI part -- is a largely improved and simplified version of Morph as found in Squeak or Pharo. Writing new Morph has never been easier. Next, the behavior of Cuis is very predictable, it really ease the programming experience, it is notably important for me as I can only dedicate small chunks of time to develop Dr. Geo.

The port is still work-in-progress.

samedi 9 octobre 2021

Make it circular and contextual!

In Dr. Geo, to edit a sketch, the user frequently changes its editing mode: to construct point, segment, straight line, ray, line, move a geometric object, etc. There are tenth of editing modes. To switch from one mode to another one, the user selects a specific menu entry or click on a specific button. In the following paragraph, I discuss about a circular toolbar design.