jeudi 30 août 2018

Flipped classroom

What research says

The idea of flipped classroom is to let the learners study the lesson at home, then, once in the classroom, ask the teacher questions on specific points not fully understood and practiced with exercises. The lessons can be a text, but most of the time the flipped classroom is supported with an approximately 10 min. video lesson.

mardi 21 août 2018

Project based learning

What research says

Students study topics they will not likely learn outside of school. Most of the time, the learned topics are disconnected; students do not see the connection between these different topics or how they are related. Project-based learning tries to address this problem.

mercredi 15 août 2018

Authentic learning

What research says

Authentic or experience learning is based on the idea students may have a better learning experience with documents or situations coming from the "real world", at the least the world outside the school.

samedi 11 août 2018

Interest based learning

What research says

Getting the students interested or using their points of interest to improve learning seems to be very obvious and it is a very old idea.

mardi 7 août 2018

Learning in group

What research says

The Russian psychologist Lev Vygostki was the first to elaborate that social interactions are essential to human learning. His work induced a lot of research on collaborative learning.